Deep water wooded

New construction

Design professional
Suzannah Tobin, Architect

Anita Silverman, RLA
Irris Ball Boaz

The challenge
This home's design called for the main floor to be nearly flush with the grade on all four sides of a 125' long home. The site plan called for protecting many 60' plus foot tall trees that are within 5 – 6 feet of the house.

The solution
We employed several measures and a careful approach, saving six soaring oak trees extremely close to the home. Modifications were made to the foundation allowing the main floor to be sunken within the foundation and nestling the hardwood and stone floors of the house within inches of the forest floor. The effect is breathtaking – a beautiful view as the forest floor flows visually through the low window sills, invoking the sense of strolling through the forest while actually walking about the main floor. From the windows one can see the compelling bark of old and majestic white and red oaks, further imbuing the sense of connection to nature.


870 East Eighth
Traverse City, Michigan

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