Steely Resolve


Design professional
Ken Richmond, Architect

The challenge
Structural rescue. A lovely contemporary home built in 1984. Soaring glass and commercial storefront glazing were overshadowed by structural failures resulting in leaking glazing.

The solution
Employing extensive field measuring and collaboration with the engineer of record, failing wood columns with active hinge points were carefully removed and replaced with structural steel shapes that would be highlighted in the final interior. The new mechanical connections braced and stitched the long linear wall of  windows together. New triple pane glass and more diminutive steel structural shapes breathed new life into this transformed comfortable, dry open floor plan. All the quaint beauty of Cedar Lake, rolling forests below and DeYoung’s Nature Preserve flow in through the re-envisioned and architecturally satiating linear glazing.


870 East Eighth
Traverse City, Michigan

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