Jamie Al-Shamma


Born in Traverse City and graduating from Michigan Technological University (B.S. Civil Engineering, 1997), Jamie enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis and photography.

Construction and real estate are a natural part of Jamie's foundation as he was raised in a family culture of craftsmen and a lineage of engineers and realtors. His family espoused core values such as conservation of resources, the importance of quality work and efficient use of materials.

Jamie has been delivering masterfully crafted homes to a select and discerning clientele in Northwest Michigan for decades. His wealth of construction experience and acumen holds the promise of exceptional quality to the homes Bay Construction realizes and carries on the tradition started by his father in 1974.

Assad Al-Shamma


Assad and his wife Sandy would often visit Traverse City as a vacation destination, staying at her father’s cherry farm. A Civil Engineering graduate from the University of Wyoming, he worked for civil engineering firms in Chicago and local companies in the Traverse City area for many years. In 1968, the couple decided to make Traverse City their permanent home. As a professional engineer, Assad built his own house in 1974, enjoyed the work, and Bay Construction Company was born.

Albert Lannin

Project Coordinator

A Traverse City Native, Albert has lived and worked in Traverse City in and around construction throughout his career.

A trim carpenter and architectural draftsperson, Albert critically plans and maps the intricate and careful work to be carried by our talented craftspeople and artisans. Albert's acumen and experience are a trusted resource of the many design professionals that partner with Bay Construction to aptly and properly execute their artful vision. The confidence shared by our field personnel in Albert's work product drive a synergy among the individuals trusted with the execution of each project which is a testament to the vast body of knowledge he imparts to everything we build.

Matthew Gagnon

Office Manager

Originally from Alpena, MI. Matt comes from four generations of builders who created a large and varied body of work throughout the East side of the state.

Matt relocated to Traverse City in 2018 to join the Bay Construction team. Utilizing his Computer Science degree from Eastern Michigan University, Matt coordinates client and construction team interactions and facilitates and tracks all of our work whilst minding the shop and communicating financials and information for clients, tradespeople and vendors expeditiously to keep everyone on track and moving forward.

Ben Shaw

Project Manager

Ben Shaw first came to Bay Construction in 2008, when returning from Brazil after owning and operating a woodworking shop there for 12 years. He began his journey with wood in 1989 working as an apprentice boat builder in Sutton's Bay. Those skills and experience have made fine furniture, custom cabinetry and artfully executed finish carpentry. Today his care and attention to wood are translated to his custody of our finished product. From each project's humble beginning Ben's focus on the finish dictates every trade's approach to masonry, plumbing, framing, casework and beyond delivering the integration and solidity upon which Bay's reputation is built.

Ben and his wife live on Old Mission Peninsula. In the Summer they enjoy spending time in nature, hiking trails and being on the water. Wintertime, the bridge to the outdoors is hewn of cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Andrew Carnegie, American industrialist


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