Oak Helix


Design professional
Michael Fitzhugh, Architect

Scott Lankford

The challenge
Ship in a bottle. A grand double helix staircase was indicated in a 1B (high-rise steel) building. Code requires this means of egress to be non-combustible. This downtown penthouse needed to capture every opportunity its unique perch afforded.

The solution
Double helix staircases were fabricated onsite. Laminations of fire-treated plywood we assembled into stair stringers which support the staircase artfully tailored to this space. Encased with sawn white-oak veneers and exposed beneath, our product – this 27-ft.-long stair stringer – supports a free span of more than 12 feet. A design, engineering and fabrication feat – every component is unique and custom fabricated for this project down to the 137 forged spindles, handmade locally to 7 custom lengths and welded onsite.


870 East Eighth
Traverse City, Michigan

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